Often patients come to my clinic wanting an over haul.  My follow-up question of "why?" usually leads to a series of symptoms: fatigue, irritability, foggy mind, pain, digestive difficulties, memory loss - to name a few.  After a busy summer of BBQ, family vacations, sunburns, stressful relatives, parties, celebrations AND working.  The start of a new season [or perhaps kids going back to school] can trigger retrospection.  Especially the fall when temperatures start to cool, bringing in the winter months of hibernation.
Now is a good time to clean your body, purge the over-indulgences of the summer and start taking care of yourself again.
In 2003 I began studying body cleanses and detox programs, I traveled to Salt Lake City where I obtained a 'Detox Certificate" - I've experimented on myself with vegetable juice fasts, fruit fasts, water fasts, lymphatic massages, colonics, 10 day long colon cleanses - there's a lot to try out there!  Through all that there's some valuable lessons I've learned:

Start slow: eating pizza, fried chicken, bread on a regular basis and abruptly stopping is a huge shock to your system.  You wouldn't put diesel fuel in your car after it's been running on unleaded.  Take a week to eat simpler; such as fish, steamed veggies, tofu and soups. Of course, ideally we should be eating that way daily, but that just isn't reality. I always encourage my patients to not put so much pressure on themselves, and not make too many changes at once - this isn't a race and it's not a competition. Take your time, it's taken you many years to develop your current habits so give yourself time to make new ones.

Stay committed: it can be daunting, to think you won't be chewing anything for the next few days - but stay with it day to day, and you'll be glad you did.

It's normal to be irritable
: yes - you won't be a ray of sunshine during the first few days of your cleanse.  This is normal! You're changing your body chemistry and altering sugar supplies.  During this time, try to take a light walk, get some sun and take deep breaths.  You will feel so much better in the end!

Relax: you will be tired, but that's ok.  Watch movies, read a good book, listen to records. You're taking care of YOU now.

Currently I recomment The Master Cleanse - it's simple, effective and you'll get energy from the mollases. More on that in my next blog.

The information here is intended for infomational purposes only.  Please consult your health provider before starting any detox program.